We carry trending styles and brands in designer handbags, clothing and accessories. With over 700 items every coming through our store each week, there is always a fresh selection to choose from.
What treasures will you find?
Designer handbags, athleisure, tops, sneakers, booties, dresses, and more...


Consign, Sell or Trade

We specialize in giving new life to items that are no longer "Sparking Joy" for their first owners, so that your lovely items can be appreciated, and also put some money back in your pocket.

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Return Engagement is a pre-owned resale consignment store in Redondo Beach's Riviera Village which has been providing "resale therapy" for women in the South Bay for over 25 years. Our mission is to give you an exceptional shopping experience with minimal impact on your wallet! You might say we are the "Rehab Center" for the full-price shopper.

Our Buyers are Looking for...

items that are clean, current, cute and in New or Like New condition. Active lifestyle wear is a great seller right now. (Professional and formal wear-not as much). Other Top Selling items include: crossbody bags, booties, sneakers, tops, athletic clothing.

Please sort your clothes into Donate vs. Sell prior to arrival. We appreciate items received on hangers.

To minimize wait time, you can book an appointment or, Bring 10 items or less without an appointment on Tuesday through Saturday

Designers and Brands we love!

Brands that are hard for you to part with will most likely be more lucrative for you! We will always consider top designer brands.

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