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  1. What can I bring in to sell?
  2. What items sell best?
  3. What items don’t sell well?
  4. What season is being accepted right now?
  5. When can I bring my items to Return Style?
  6. What happens when I bring my items to the store?
  7. Trade, Sell or Consign. What is the difference and what should I choose?
  8. How will my items be priced?
  9. How can I check my balance?
  10. How can I receive my money?
  11. How much do I get paid?
  12. How long are items Consigned for, and when do they get marked down?
  13. What happens to consigned items that don’t sell?
  14. What charities does Return Style Support?
  15. Why do I have to provide an address and a phone number?
  16. I don’t want to wait for my items to be processed. What are my options?


1.What can I bring in to sell?

Ladies Purses, Accessories, Shoes, & Clothing.

Luxury items are always welcome, the best items are designer & special, yet not necessarily fancy. California chic, and fabulous fun, day wear fits this area perfectly.

We appreciate items on hangers! (we give them right back, but it is much quicker to sort and select). If your items include jewelry it requires manager approval, so please call ahead to make sure we have a jewelry buyer present.

Please leave out any inauthentic merchandise, we do not sell counterfeit items.

2.What items sell best?

Name brands that are currently being marketed in boutiques and stores like Anthropologie. Legacy brands are also great, familiarity with trusted brands produce sales.

Items that sell best are the ones that were recently purchased, and brought in for the current intake season, freshly laundered and on hangers. Buying mistakes are great items to turn in. Clean, Current, Cute and in trend, items are more likely to be adopted quickly and for the best prices. Activewear is still being added to wardrobes as the athleisure movement shows no signs of slowing down.

Tops are the easiest to sell, purses make the most money, and for activewear the best items are the jackets, pants and tops with sleeves. Tops and dresses sell best if a regular bra can be worn with them.

Remember to use a buyers eye. "Would I buy these items again in this condition?"

3 What items don’t sell well.

There is a difference between what people still wear, and what they are acquiring and buying. We know it’s a lot of work to bring things down to the shop & then have us not accept many items. We must be very selective in the merchandise we accept, please understand if items are not accepted.

Surprisingly, many items that may have been expensive, but are formal, professional and maybe have resided in the closet for more than 3 years do not sell well for us. Special occasion, and suiting items tend to be poor performers in resale. There are so many wonderfully made & tailored garments that simply don’t sell for our client base and location here by the beach.

We have to be very picky over condition, items must be free of odors, deodorant marks, tags and collars should be free of discoloration.

These are just some examples of non-selling & past trend items:

  • Jeans have slowed down tremendously; we do not accept low-rise boot cut denim anymore.
  • Bottoms in general are harder to sell than tops, no waxed or pleated pants.
  • No skirts with front slits.
  • Tops & Dresses styles that don’t do as well are one-shoulder, halter, low-back, straps with beads, strapless, junior, beaded, sequined, high-low, shapeless bat winged & ombre.

Our process is subjective, not personal, we promise. If we have looked past something fabulous please let us know, we may reconsider the item or give our reasons.

4. What season is being accepted right now?

Spring Feb-March
Summer May-July
Fall August-September
California Winter October-January

(We reduce our intake the last 2 weeks of the year to focus on Selling your items) Many items are year-round in southern California, Our Seasons are really to keep bulky winter items in winter. If we take items off season, they will be offered at a lessor price.

5. When can I bring my items to Return Style?

Tuesday-Saturday 11-5:30 Walk-ins welcome for up to 12 Items.
Have more than 12 items? An appointment is appreciated. Appointments can be made online (right from this website on the Appointments page), in person, or by phone 310-375-0570.

6. What happens when I bring my items to the store?

Shop while you wait – We process, price & present our offer to Buy, Trade or Consign. We assess each item & give back, what we don’t choose, at that time (Or we can donate upon request).

We train our specialists to be very selective and choose the best and most saleable items. To provide the best possible selection to our clients & favorable return for the seller.

Please allow 20-30 minutes to process items as a walk-in. For larger appointments please allow up to an hour. Clients with appointments will be processed as priority. Feel free to browse our collection while waiting, you’ll be surprised at what treasures you may find!

7. Trade, Buyout or Consignment. What is the difference and what should I choose?

Trading is the best option for those who like to shop here and want to use their credit today or save it for something special. Trade credit doesn’t expire, if we are open it is available. Get 50% of the base prices in store credit available to use directly!

Buyout - The best option for those who want to get paid today!

Consignment - getting a percentage (40-70%) of the price after items are sold. Consignment is best for luxury and high-end items.

This allows us to put a premium price tag and if it doesn’t sell, we return to the client after the consignment period is over. Many of our longtime clients choose consignment as they believe they get the best payouts. Items must sell before payments can be made, it is a gamble of sorts.

Consignment is what we offer for items that we like, but may not consistently sell for us, (Examples; High heels, Tall boots, Formal, & Professional Styles)

8. How will my items be priced?

Pricing is based on research, history and knowledge of how each brand is doing in the resale market, at the time, and season the item is presented.

We also consider retail prices and value for the customer. The old saying is still true... AN ITEM IS WORTH AS MUCH AS A PERSON IS WILLING TO PAY FOR IT!

A note about manufactures suggested retail price or MSRP, is typically an inflated number to help merchandise look more appealing. So many retailers depend on inflated value perception. The retail price is the actual price an item sold.

Some retailers never have a sale, like Louis Vuitton, which can be priced much higher, at times 85% of the retail price because of demand. (recent, sold out and like new items only)

9. How can I check my balance?

Check balances 24 hours a day at, call or stop by during open hours.

10. How can I receive my money?

Any balance can be used for shopping at Return Style. Any payable money can be picked up in shop during any open hours.

We pay by both cash and checks, depending on the amount to be collected.

If there are consignment items that need to be returned, please call ahead 24 hours prior. Then we can to collect unsold inventory to return, when money is collected in person. If there are no unsold items to collect, we can mail any amount on request as well.

11. How much do I get paid?

  • Clients who use the Buyout option typically get paid 30% of assigned prices, paid as soon as items are processed. (Higher end items are assessed on a case by case basis)
  • Clients who use the Trade Option get 50% of the items(s) starting price and can be used for shopping as soon as items are assessed.
  • Clients who Consign receive 50% of most item(s) final selling price to be paid after items sell.
  • High value items may receive special consignment rates. Currently items we price for $500 and up receive 60%, and items we price for $1100 and up receive 70%. The higher the value the higher the payout.

12. How long are items Consigned for, and when do they get marked down?

They typical consignment period is 12 weeks. Most items have 6 weeks until their first markdown and are periodically marked down up to 50% off.

Items may also be marked down at the discretion of our fashion director.

Some accessories items may stay longer such as designer sunglasses and jewelry.

13. What happens to consigned items that don’t sell?

Items we initially price at $20 or less will be automatically donated at the end of the consignment period.

Items priced over $21 can be returned to client or donated, depending on the clients wishes.

If we call to inform of unsold items and we cannot leave a voicemail, we will donate said items to charity.

14. What charities does Return Style Support?

Currently we donate primarily to the Ticktockers which are part of the National Charity League. They are an all-volunteer organization. They sell items in their thrift shop and split the proceeds between scholarships and donations to over 25 charities. It is a staple in the community and the work they do is all positive.

Charities they support include; Beacon House, Boys & Girls Club of LA & South Bay, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Casa de los Angelitos, Community’s Child, Community Helpline, Harbor Community Clinic, Harbor Interfaith Services, House of Yahweh, Little Sisters of the Poor, PV Land Conservancy, Pediatric Therapy Network, PEF, Rainbow Services, Saints Peter & Paul, S.H.A.W.L., Toberman House, Trinity Care Hospice, Whiskers & Tails Foundation, & 1736 House.

15. Why do I have to provide an address and a phone number?

Even though we have a Redondo Beach Address, we are in Torrance, which requires us to keep this information on file. We do not share this information with anyone, and the only thing we mail are checks! We need a phone number with a valid voicemail, so we can let you know if there are items to return, items that got left behind, or to inform of money owed.

16. I don’t want to wait for my items to be processed. What are my options?

  • Please be patient, we are human and we do need some time to assess and enter items.
  • If you wait your turn for us to sort the items that we plan on taking. We can return the No Thank-You items and follow up with payout options after the fact.
  • Feel free to grab, lunch, coffee or go to Trader Joe's while you wait, we can text you when items have been processed.

Or Drop Off & Run (Donating Account) – Bring in your item sign & go. No Appointment needed, no waiting… It’s that easy! Available to established consignors, whenever we are open.

This is an option after the first visit, so we can establish a relationship and manage expectations.

Even when items are tailored and cost a lot at time of purchase, does not ensure they will be accepted for sale. There are insults that happen to clothing inside the closet, critters, mildew, dust, stains that develop over time, styles changing with time.

Items are assessed later & processed as consignment.

Any items not accepted, and later not sold will be donated to charity.