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Selling hours 11-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday

We Buying and Consign Pre-owned fashions. Curbside services available.

Shopping Hours 11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday & Sundays 1-5

We have been receiving Amazing quality items. And your support means the world to us! Please come visit and check us out. New treasures every visit!!!

-Great items are: Purses, Sunglasses, Wallets, Activewear and Sneakers!

A great deal of our business is online now, so it is very important to bring items that can be sold from a picture. The camera shows everything, and we need items to be really fresh, clean, odor free and visually appealing!

Please pre-check items, it's really important, that items are in great condition. (Deal breakers are Smells, Spots, Deodorant Residue & Mildew) We really appreciate any, and all help to this end. If a drop-off has allergens, odors, or conditional issues, we will not be able to accept anything, in consideration of safety of staff and clients.

Consignments - Items will be cosigned until sold or 3 months of shopping availability. 

We strive to offer the best services in premium resale!

Please check our FAQ section for more tips on what sells for us.

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Please check our FAQ page for helpful information about selling your items at Return Style.