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May 17, 2020 Now offering Contactless Curbside Drop-offs for Consignments Only

Limited schedule in the beginning: 11am to 3pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

New Consignment Protocol:

-All items will be set aside for a few days before processing, and it is really important that the items are pre-sorted for condition and desireability.

-Great items are: Purses, Sunglasses, Wallets, Activewear and Sneakers!

-After items are processed, we will send an email list and unselected items will be donated. If you want to collect unselected items, a second appointment will have to be made to collect.

-Items will be consigned until sold or 3 months after actual store reopening. We will still have markdowns over time, but not printed on tickets or scheduled as in the past.

Most of our business will be online during the next 2 to 8 months, so it is very important to bring items that can be sold from a picture. The camera shows everything, and we need items to be really fresh, clean, odor free and visually appealing!

We really appreciate any, and all help to this end.  If a drop off has allergens, odors, or multiple conditional issues, we will not accept anything and donate the entire bundle. Please pre-check all items.  

It will probably take longer to see returns on items during this time, we are learning as we go and strive to offer premium resale!

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